As an architect and an owners’ representative, Key has accumulated an unusual blend of knowledge and experiences that help him guide clients through the labyrinth of building a new home.

Architectural Review Board and Other Regulatory Approvals

  • Interpreting and designing to meet ARB requirements.
  • Working with wetland and shoreline regulatory groups to obtain approvals.
  • Public hearing presentations to gain needed approvals.

Estimating Construction Costs

  • Overall project budgeting including fees, construction, and site improvement costs.
  • Detailed cost estimates from preliminary architectural drawings.
  • Detailed analysis of bids by contractors.

Value Engineering

  • Review of design alternatives and material substitutions for cost reductions
  • Analysis of key subcontractor costs
  • Green alternatives: initial costs vs. operating savings

It is a testament to Key’s expertise that he has been retained by other architects, attorneys, and owners to provide cost estimating and zoning analysis services on a consulting basis.