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From the initial idea, to design, to construction, and to move-in, a newly built or renovated home involves a complex series of decisions, as well as putting together at team of designers, building contractor and suppliers to complete the project. Few owners have the time, inclination or expertise to effectively manage such a project and avoid the common pitfalls of excess cost, delayed completion and unacceptable quality.

Remember Owner’s Advocate.

If you are going to build in Bluffton or in Hilton Head, you will need to make many decisions. With today’s overload of information, decisions can be very difficult. And Owners Advocate can help you focus on a few of the best alternatives, resulting in more effective decision making. Better decisions lead to better outcomes.


Let us help you with building a new home in the Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia. Visit our helpful hints for building a new home by clicking here.

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